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The Lompoc Vision

“Good News You Can Use.”


CHS is having their Home-

coming Parade on Thursday,

October 3, 2019 with line up

starting at 3:30 pm. We will

have two cars - or maybe

three if we are lucky - entered to join in and brag about the

CHS Alumni Association.

We paraded with the best of them last year and had a

good time. The parade route takes just under an hour and

I was shocked at how many people were out to watch it.

Great way for Cabrillo to show their pride in the neighbor-


Also a great way to get word out about the CHSAA. We

are looking for local members to join in and ride the route.

Anyone out there interested?

Because I am the spreadsheet queen (yes, I’ll be waving

from Dan Petry’s convertible again) I realize that 56% of

our members reside here in the central coast. I am sure that

a few of you would be willing to participate!! Just email

me, or give me a call, and we’ll make arrangements to meet


For the rest of you Jonesing because you live too far

away, you are included because everyone is part of the As-

sociation and we like to keep you aware of each of our

activities. We feel comforted by your desire to be with us.

CHS Homecoming Parade

by Denise Meek Riegel


ompoc Civic Theatre is excited to announce their

annual Dinner Theater Production, which opened

September 28, and will be performed in the newly-

renovated Ellery Room, at the Mission Country Club.

This year’s delectable offering will be “The Kitchen

Witches” by Caroline Smith, a deliciously funny and enter-

taining comedy. The show stars two popular LCT veteran

actresses, Anne Ramsey and Chris Jeszeck, as old friends

and current TV cooking show rival hosts, whose history

and futures collide in a hysterically unpredictable, magical

fashion! Also starring Charlie Frank and Dave Gaertig.

Performances will continue on October 5 & 19, Novem-

ber 2, 9 & 16. Dinner Theater performances sell out quick-

ly, so please be sure to reserve your tickets soon!! For more

information please call 805-735-ACT1 (805-735-2281).

Auditions for “The Winners”

On October 3, LCT will hold auditions for a staged read-

ing of “The Winners” by M.J. Sewall. The show will be

performed at Stone Pine Hall for one weekend in January

2020 as part of LCT’s 2019-2020 season. Roles are avail-

able for 4 women and 2 men. Auditions will be held at

Stone Pine Hall, 210 So. H St., in Lompoc at 7:00 pm.

For more info, please contact LCT at 805-735-2281

or write to

or visit our

website at


by Larry McLellan


purely mechanistic view of educational innovation is less sustainable now than

ever, and an education leadership philosophy based only on selecting from existing

teaching strategies and programs is likely to be overwhelmed by new developments

in the present global society. Einstein “cannot do what we have done before to solve to-

days problems.” What we need is a new system, a curriculum that balances the needs of

our students; new thinking that tackles the global challenges of health, poverty, education;

new strategies that results in differences that matter and a sense of purpose that effects our

students, community. It is hard to imagine a time when the educational challenge we face

so vastly exceeds the creative resources we have brought to bear on our educators and our

educational system. Aspiring innovative educators have attended conferences but rarely do

these temporary placeholders fit into their world of teaching and learning.

What we need is an approach, which includes imagination to creativity to innovation that

can be integrated to the aspects of education. A system of education that can generate

breakthrough ideas and can be implemented and therefore have an impact.


The integration of the following three processes which takes student knowledge to creative ideas

to innovation for solving and adapting changes. These are Designing Thinking for education, Appreciative Inquiry for

schools and districts and Strength – Based Leadership

Design Thinking for Education

Design Thinking taps into the capacities we all have but they are overlooked by more conventional problem-solving

practices. It not only human-centered; it is deeply human in of itself. Design Thinking relies on our ability to be intuitive,

to recognize patterns, to construct ideas that have emotional meaning as well as functionality, to express ourselves in

media other than words or symbols. Nobody wants to run education on feeling, intuition, inspiration, but an overreliance

on rational and the analytical can be just as dangerous. The integrated approach at the core of the design process suggests

a “third way.”

What Is Appreciative Inquiry for Education

Appreciative Inquiry is the study of what gives life to human systems when they function at their best. This approach

to personal change and organization change is based on the assumption that questions and dialogue about strengths, suc-

cesses, values, hopes, and dreams are themselves transformational. In short, Appreciative Inquiry suggests that human

organizing and change at its best is a relational process of inquiry, grounded in affirmation and appreciation. The follow-

ing beliefs about human nature and human organizing are the foundation of Appreciative Inquiry:

People individually and collectively have unique gifts, skills, and contributions to bring to life.

Organizations are human social systems, sources of unlimited relational capacity, created and lived in language.

The images we hold of the future are socially created and, once articulated, serve to guide individual and collective action.

Through human communication – inquiry and dialogue – people can shift their attention and action away from problem

analysis to lift up to worthy ideals and proactive possibilities for the future.

The Lompoc Unified School District Miracle

We need New Choices!

by Hank Gallina

and Curly hair cutting techniques, he is certified in the DEVACHAN cutting style. He also holds his barbering license.

Previously, Michael worked as a Paul Mitchel School Educator throughout San Diego, Pasadena, and Santa Barbara.

He traveled throughout the country, passing on his skills to others and even running a series of events that culminated in

a teaching role at Cosmoton Academy. He himself is a graduate of The Cao Institute of Aesthetics a Paul Mitchell Partner


A natural leader, Michael also does speaking and mentoring work. He is the author of Mentorship Portfolio, and he

currently works at both Cosmoton Academy and Napoleon Blonde. He cares deeply about his students and takes an active

interest in their education, an attitude that shines through in his work as an educator. Believing wholeheartedly about the

value of style and beauty, he applies himself enthusiastically to sharing his skills and experience with others.

Laura Funkhouser –

Color & Color Correction Specialist / Educator:

A color and color correction specialist, Laura

Funkhouser got her start in style in Studio City. Trained by Master Colorist Joseph Ledda, a major figure in the field, she

honed her skills for several years before taking a position as a colorist and instructor at Vidal Sassoon Academy in Santa

Monica and Vidal Sassoon Salon in Beverly Hills. Equally passionate about styling and teaching, she has made it her

mission in life to give others the benefit of all the experience and knowledge that she has accrued over the course of her

18-year career.

In addition to teaching at Vidal Sassoon, Laura has also taught at Wella and Paul Mitchell, and she has competed on

multiple occasions in the Wella Trend Vision, NAHA, and California Stylist Magazine competitions. She champions

low-maintenance colors in her work, helping her clients to achieve their ideal looks with a minimum of effort and budget.

Laura was a finalist in the high-profile Trend Visions Competition for Southern California, and she has collaborated with

such luminaries as Tim Hartley and Annie Humphries. She believes in following her dreams, and she has done so time

and again, pursuing her career all the way from San Diego to San Francisco.

Lompoc Barber AcademY

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