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The Lompoc Vision

“Good News You Can Use.”


“Hide a Book Day: Lompoc Edition”

by Rebecca Ross

The Friends of the Lompoc Library will hold their annual

meeting and election of officers at the Lompoc Library at

501 East North Ave. in the Grossman Gallery on Wednes-

day October 24th at 2:00. All members are invited to attend

and nominations will be taken from the floor. We invite

members to come to the meeting and hopefully become

more involved if they would like, we can use the help.

Thank you for your support!

by Donna Dimock / Publicity chair

Friends of the Lompoc Library


he public is

invited to the

Friends of the

Lompoc Library Sys-

tem Fall Book Sale.

The sale is Friday October 19th and Saturday October 20th

in the Lompoc Library Grossman Gallery, 501 East North

Avenue. The hours are 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Friday and

10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on Saturday.

A special “Preview Sale” for members only will be held

Thursday evening, Oct 18th from 5-7:00 PM. This is the

last sale of the year. If you have not joined this year you can

come Thursday evening and when you pay your dues they

will count for that evening and for the 2018 calendar year.

The sale will include hardback and paperback books, CDs,

videos, DVDs and audio books.

For more information or if you have some time to help

during the sale call Dorothy at 735-3647

Also, teachers and nonprofit organizations interested in

after sale items should also contact Dorothy at the above


You can also check out the Friends upcoming events on

our Facebook page “Friends of the Lompoc Library Sys-

tem.”. @helpingthelompoclibrary


ompoc, I am in you. And all around you. On September 18th you

may have seen me, though I hope if you did I only appeared briefly,

as a sneaky mirage that made you question whether you had really

seen me at all. Because I was on a secret mission. Code name: Hide a

Book Day.

Hide a Book Day was started in 2017 as part of a celebratory partner-

ship between Goodreads (a book sharing and cataloging platform) and

The Book Fairies (a worldwide group of book lovers that hide books

in the wild for people to find).

Though this was a one-time holi-

day for Goodreads, it’s a year-

round venture for The Book Fair-

ies and a day that many schools,

libraries, and individuals continue

to participate in.

Giving myself a ten dollar budget for this adventure, this was also

the perfect opportunity to get out and shop local. Last year I hid two old

books I had already planned to donate to a thrift store, but this year I

was able to hide nine “new” books. I purchased one from Goodwill, one

from The Bookstore, two from Dollar Tree, I got one from my brother,

took three from my own library, and at the last minute, grabbed a signed

copy of my debut

novel Hollywood

Love Song.

With my dad as

my getaway driver,

I was able to place

books all around

town quickly and

stealthily, like a

real book fairy. Though my guess would be that they’ve

all been found by now, I’ll go ahead and say that shop-

ping centers make great hiding spots, as do gazebos, ur-

ban parks, coffee shops, new hotels, and libraries (wink,


The Book Fairies hide only books that they personally

love, but I branched out a bit, hiding a book that had been

made into a movie (The Danish Girl by David Ebershoff),

a book that won a Pulitzer Prize (Olive Kitteridge by Eliza-

beth Strout), a childhood favorite (Mandie by Lois Gladys

Leppard), a book about travel (How to Talk About Places

You’ve Never Been by Pierre Bayard), a book by my fa-

vorite author

( L a u g h i n g

Gas by P.G.


a beach read

(Other People We Married by Emma Straub), a book from a fan-

tasy series (Redwall: The Bellmaker by Brain Jacques), one of my

all-time favorite books (Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen), and a

book I wrote (Hollywood Love Song). I wanted to put out a little

something for everybody!

I hope that if you found a hidden book you read it and enjoyed

it. If it wasn’t your cup of tea, I hope you passed it along! As Dr.

Suess so wisely said, “You can find magic wherever you look. Sit

back and relax, all you need is a book.”