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The Lompoc Vision

“Good News You Can Use.”



he City of Lompoc is pleased to host Dr. Scott Hol-

brook Dahlquist of Ocean Dental this Tuesday, Oct.

15 as “Mayor For a Day”.

Dr. Dahlquist won the opportunity to be Mayor For a Day

at a recent Lompoc Rotary Club fundraiser.

He toured Lompoc city facilities, including city hall, the

water and wastewater treatment plants, the fire department,

the library and the landfill.

Lompoc Mayor For A Day

by Samantha Scroggin

Dr. Scott Holbrook Dahlquist of Ocean Dental tours city


Friday, November 1, 2019, 5:00 – 8:00

Veterans Memorial Building in Lompoc

Turkey, Greens, Green beans, Mashed Potatoes, Dress-

ing, Gravy, Candied Yams, Macaroni & Cheese, Rolls,

Cranberry Sauce, Dessert

Donation: $12.00

American Legion Auxiliary Unit 125



his 1926


s h o w s



steps to the

beach that were

once located

at the “Surf”

Depot of the

Southern Pacif-

ic Railroad Sta-

tion. Shown

here are the

McCabe and Spencer families: Gail and Hazel Spencer,

Leella McCabe and Bryce, and Bert Spencer and Shirley

McCabe. You sat on the bottom step to put on or take off

your shoes.

These steps were built by the Civic Club of Lompoc.

They secured a lease from the Southern Pacific Railroad

in San Francisco and by building the steps made the beach

accessible to all. The Civic Club was active in many such

improvements in Lompoc.

Those steps are a thing of the past, but the need for a se-

cure and safe walkway down to the beach from the modern

Amtrak Surf Station still exists.

Surf is the Station for the City of Lompoc with four trains a

day stopping there. Surf is also the most accessible beach

for Lompoc with a modern, scenic road to the station. The

station and the beach below are visited by thousands every

year from all over the world.

A new set of packed granite sand and railroad tie steps

down to the beach would be an easy and low cost improve-


Perhaps the City of Lompoc, Lompoc Chamber of Com-

merce, Alpha Club, the Rotary Club, local banks, and Van-


Remember The Steps At Surf??

By Justin M. Ruhge

denberg AFB could form a committee and approach the

Union Pacific Railroad in Omaha, Nebraska, who own the

50 foot right-of-way to the beach, and secure a lease for a

new set of steps. Fund raising could follow and committee

volunteers could build the steps when materials are avail-


Photo courtesy of the Lompoc Valley Historical Society

Plant Exchange, LVBHS

Sunday November 17, the 3rd Sunday of the month.

This is a good time to start thinking about what you

would like to bring from your gardens. And now might be

a good time to pot up some of your cuttings. Please bring

your cuttings (potted or not) and bare root plants; seedlings

and mature plants; and bulbs and seeds. You do not have

to be a member of LVBHS (though we would like that!) to

participate in the exchange. This will also be our time to

nominate officers for next year.


(we expect it to be here from now on).

Meetings will be at Stone Pine Hall, next to Lompoc

Museum on 201 S. “H” Street. Lompoc, Calif. 93436.

LVBHS November Plant Sale

by Charlie Blair