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The Lompoc Vision

“Good News You Can Use.”


“Ocean Beach Park & Estuary”

by Rebecca Ross



The Village Market ● Shepard Eye Clinic ● Eddies Grill

● UPS Store ● Alphie’s Fish & Chips ● YMCA ● Aquatic

Center ● Dwee’s Senior Center ● American Host ● South-

side Café ● City Hall ● Grocery Outlet ● The Chamber of

Commerce ● Lompoc Valley Medical Center ● Wilkerson

Chiropractic ● Mission Hills Market, Mission Hills Wa-

ter District ● Inklings ● The Lompoc Library ● Rabobank

● The Half Century Club ● Lompoc Skilled Nursing and

Rehabilitation Center on North Ave ● Fountrain Square of

Lompoc on North Ave. ● Denmat ● The Base Commissary

● The BX ● The Airmen & Family Readiness Center ●

One Room Escapes & Coffee ● Rabobank

...Just to name a few.


otanist. Birdwatcher. Nature Photographer. I am none of those things of-

ficially, but I’ve been known to play them when I’m researching articles.

Like Hunter Thompson hopping on a Harley to ride with the Hell’s Angels

for his 1967 book of the same name, I grabbed a pair binoculars and drove to the

beach to bring you this story about the Ocean Beach Park & Estuary. You know

how I like to put myself right in the action.

As much as I love

the fast-paced fun of

summer, I’ve found

that the coming of

Fall means slowing

down and enjoying

the simple pleasures

that only a relaxing,

meandering day spent

close to home can bring. Added bonus: it’s still warm enough

to spend those days outside.

My Dad and I played hooky on a random Tuesday morning

and found ourselves driving down W. Ocean Avenue looking

for the Ocean Park turn-off. If you’ve never been out to Ocean

Beach, as soon as you make that turn, you’re in another world.

A peaceful, picture postcard of a place that smells like salty air and chaparral.

On the day we visited there were a couple of cars and a yellow school bus in the parking lot. The only sound we heard

was the gravel crunching underneath our shoes as we walked

up the boardwalk at the edge of the estuary to read the educa-

tional plaques. (Side note: I don’t think I ever full appreciated

the educational plaque genre as a kid, but I’ve really learned to

dig them as an adult). We read about Giant Coreopsis and Ice

Plants and I excitedly pointed out the Pampas Grass because I

recognized it as a staple of many Rose Parade floats.

We looked for Western Pond Turtles and California Red

Legged Frogs and kept our eye peeled for Savannah Sparrows

and California Brown Pelicans. We also made good use of the

telescopes positioned inside the gazebo. As the field trip kids

made their way back to the picnic area and playground, we took ourselves down one of the paths, under the railroad trestle,

and out to the sand. On the way I took pictures of the estuary, wished I’d brought a bigger jacket, and admired the soft

ripples the wind created on the surface. Baby birds played in the water and we could see groups of people in the distance.

Since the nesting season is over for our adorable local Snowy Plovers, the beach was open and everyone seemed to be

enjoying the chance to explore the low, plant-dotted hills and dunes. The Santa Ynez River melted into the Pacific Ocean

and all was well with the world. They don’t have Jalama Burgers out here, but this just might be my new favorite Lompoc



hristmas trees are coming to both of our li-

braries. These are 3-foot table top trees that

are decorated by Library patrons, and they are

amazing in their creativity.

They will go on display starting Saturday Nov 16th

and will be on display until Saturday, December 14th.

Tickets to win one of these beauties are $1.00 each

or 6 for $5.00. The drawing will be at 2:00 PM, Sat-

urday, December 16th. (Remember if you do not feel

you need one it would be a wonderful gift for some-

one or donate to a group, hospital etc.)

This is a Friends of the Lompoc Library System

fund raiser and all money raised goes to help support

both our libraries. We are a nonprofit organization so

all contributions are tax deductible.


by Donna Dimock