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timately becoming friends and mentors. As Lucy stated, ‘This taught me

wherever you are in life, at whatever juncture, you have an opportunity

to positively shape someone else’s trajectory by simply reaching out and

offering your hand.’What a beautiful lesson and one that Lucy continues

to share each day as she reaches out to and mentors the youth (and adults

at times) in our community.

Through the years Lucy has had the opportunity to witness first hand

injustices in the work place. She has taken action to rectify these injus-

tices, demonstrating her belief that it is important to bring the issues

forward for clear discussion so change can be made. And clear discus-

sion it is as one of Lucy’s early lessons is that no one is a mind reader.

If you have a need or concern it needs to be clearly articulated to find

resolution. Letting others guess is not going to find a solution. Other les-

sons Lucy cites are keeping your word and holding yourself accountable,

being a positive role model for the youth in our community, advocating

for others but also being courageous in your actions and willing to take

risks. These are all things she continues to live by today and yet, in her

own words, she is still evolving, still learning and growing from new


When asked who her heroes were Lucy commented she had many.

From her maternal relatives that had fought for equal rights for both genders to Sally, who’s kind heart, self reliance and

and independence endured as she faced challenge after challenge. There are military heroes Jack, Gene, and Eddie she

had the honor to work with or met through her work with the Veterans Stand Down. People within the community and co-

workers like Pastora Maria, Pam, Maxine, Mary, Kathy, Robin, Tommy, Paul, Steve and Will as well as teachers Carolyn

and Anna. Lastly she spoke of the next generation. Her daughter Hope ‘who is a thought leader and role model for her

generation’ and a young woman she knows, who while earning minimum wage, saved enough to donate $300 for YMCA

scholarships to help those less fortunate.

In closing Lucy stated ‘I wanted to share that I am defined by challenges and failures that I had to overcome. I was

lucky. I was privileged not to be born into poverty or face the challenges that people of color are born into. In my personal

failures though, I find that you are stronger than you thought, braver than you had imagined and more resilient than you

could have expected. It’s these failures which force growth. It is incumbent on all of us to do what we can for as many

as we can for as long as we can.’

This is Lucy Thoms-Harrington; mentor, teacher, volunteer, community activist and...

One of my heroes.

The Lompoc Vision

“Good News You Can Use.”



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with Bob Kotowski PGA

Newsletter for Lompoc area golfers


GA Junior League Registration is open! Go to PGA Junior League to get involved

in the area’s finest Junior golf Program. Also Tuesday and Saturday Blind and dis-

abled golf classes and Special Olympics programs are open to any student free of

charge! Go to www.oldeschoolgolfschool for more information.

PGATour Star Adam Scott wins LA Open, supports local players with disabilities, and

offers great advice for PGA Junior League Boys and Girls, and every one who wants to

improve their Golf game.

After all others had gone home, Adam Scott was working on the short game that won

the LAOpen! Scott says our local junior golfers who want to succeed “need to be willing

to put the work in.” “Have fun at it, but put the effort in.”

Master’s Champion Adam Scott’s keys to driving: The Goal: Drive the ball consis-

tently with control and power!! Assuming you have solid fundamentals………

“Swing in balance. Learn to be centered and make consistent contact.” Build confidence!

“Find the center of the face. Learn to stay centered and make solid contact. You do this by being calm and relaxed.”

Start with minimal effort, focusing on swinging smoothly and in rhythm. Then gradually step up the tempo and effort.

“Find your natural rhythm, you will find your maximum power, through rhythm and timing.”

Each person has their own individual tendencies, tempo and rhythm, each must find their own.

“Thanks Adam, we will work on it”. Great advice from the best driver in the game!

It’s easy to pull for Adam Scott every week! When he wins, he wins the right way, playing the game the way It should

be played. If they were to score golf on style grace, power and form, Adam Scott would be on top every week, and a 20

time major champion.

Personally, after watching the progression over the last few years, I feel his game is tuning up to bring home a major

(or two) this year! Thanks for supporting Blind and Disabled golf programs.