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The Lompoc Vision

“Good News You Can Use.”



he Annual Meeting of the Cabrillo High School Alumni Association (CHSAA) will

be held Thursday, August 1, 2019 at 5:30 pm. Tom Hinkens has graciously invited us

to hold the meeting again this year at his ranch at 1511 Miguelito Canyon Road. This

meeting is being held the night before the CHSAA Hall of Fame Dinner. We hope you will

be able to attend both events. The Annual Meeting will be combined with a Meet & Greet to

encourage those attending from out of town to join the annual meeting, learn about CHSAA

and join if they have not done so. All members are encouraged to attend!

It’s also time to nominate or volunteer for positions opening up on the CHSAA Board.

You can nominate/volunteer yourself for open positions. The person you nominate must

also send her/his acceptance. You do not have to live in the Lompoc area to be an officer or

director - you can be involved electronically!

Please send nominations to

by July 6, 2019. Election ballots will be sent out via email directly

afterwards. Final election results will be presented at the Annual Meeting.

Officer positions to be filled:

President. Vice President.

Director positions expiring this year by decade of graduation:

1967 - 1970: Tom Hinkens ‘69 . Kristi Stowell Cole

‘70, 1971 - 1980 Andre McGant ‘76. 1981 - 1990 Donna Wittwer ‘84. 1991 - 2000 No representative at this time. 2001 -

2010 No representative at this time, 2011 - 2020 No representative at this time. Faculty Myron Webster

Please volunteer or have your nominations in by July 6, 2019. Thanks for participating in your CHS Alumni Associa-

tion! A full list of the current Board is attached for your reference.

Cabrillo High School Alumni Association

by Denise Meek Riegel


olf- I always think back to Robin Williams stand up bit- The ultimate goal of the game:

getting that teeny-tiny ball in to the little gopher hole located hundreds of yards away!

The frustration, the elation, the groans of disappointment and the shouts of joy, all part

of the game. So, why should we consider taking up the sport? Well, making it a family event is

the first thing that comes to mind.

Golf can be an event around which all family members can gather and spend time together.

Perhaps it’s connecting with the siblings you don’t see too often or it can serve as an opportunity

for parents to provide positive feedback and encouragement to their kids. Secondly it gets us out doors- walking and being

active outside allows for breathing in fresh air and helps to establish healthy exercise habits plus that core- talk about that

fantastic core strengthening and stability we can gain from the sport. Not to mention, it is indeed a lifelong game that we

can play into our 90’s. As with other sports golf has a heavy theme of Self-Improvement.

As players we analyze what we did well and what has to change in order to improve. Players develop habits of

self-improvement by





and accepting critiques

and tips from others. At

the Ymca Afterschool

program one of the ac-

tivities kids are offered

is to participate in the

First Tee program- the

kids are introduced to

the important themes



team work, patience

and health. Finally, and

maybe the most impor-

tant benefit of all, Fun!

Gathering with friends

and family to play golf gives us the opportunity to spend time in friendly competition or companionship with those we

cherish most. Well, I think I have talked myself in to playing a round!

The Lompoc Family YMCA will be hosting our 20th annual Ketrenia Klassic- Kids For Character Golf Tournament

on Friday July 26th

I encourage you to come out to play, laugh and support- all proceeds from this event will go to the Lompoc Family

YMCA scholarship fund so we may continue to provide those life changing opportunities for kids and families right here

in Lompoc.

Play Laugh Support

by Kathryn Thompson

20th annual Ketrenia Klassic- Kids For Character Golf Tournament