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The Lompoc Vision

“Good News You Can Use.”


“I Won’t Grow Up,”

by Tim Becker


new Lompoc mayor and two councilmembers were

seated Thursday night, Dec. 6, during a special

meeting of the Lompoc City Council.

City Clerk Stacey Haddon issued the oath of office to

incoming Mayor Jenelle Osborne, as well as District 2

Councilman Victor Vega and District 3 Councilman Dirk

Starbuck. All three sworn in were on the previous council.

The council was seated following the certification on Dec.

6 of Santa Barbara County election results from the Nov. 6

general election, which included the City of Lompoc’s first

district election.

New Lompoc Mayor And

Councilmembers Seated

Mayor Osborne and councilmembers elected in city’s

first district election sworn in

by Samantha Scroggin

Osborne replaces outgoing Mayor Bob Lingl, who

served the city for a total of 12 years, including four years

as mayor, six years as a councilmember, and two years as a

planning commissioner.

“It has been an absolute honor to serve the City of Lom-

poc for the past 12 years,” Lingl said. “I’ve enjoyed work-

ing with fellow councilmembers and staff, but most of all

I enjoyed representing this wonderful community and the

people who live here. I am proud that every vote I cast over

the past 12 years was done in the best interest of Lompoc

and its citizens”.

The council seats held by Jim Mosby and previously held

by Osborne were elected at-large as part of the November

8, 2016 General Election, and those terms remain at-large

until the November 2020 General Election. The vacant

council seat will be filled by an at-large appointment.

The newly seated Lompoc City Council voted to pursue

an appointment process to fill the vacant council seat in-

stead of a potentially pricey special election.


his is being written near the end of December, in fact the day before the birthday some

people honor and celebrate. You are reading this after another celebration of completing

the year and starting another 365. I wish you all well in all facets of your life.

This past weekend my wife and I spent a delightful evening viewing and definitely enjoying a

performance of “Peter Pan” put on by PCPA at the Fine Arts Auditorium at Hancock Community

College. The performers were joyful, enthusiastic, excellent and sincere.

The song “I Won’t Grow Up” was a reminder to me that “growing up” is often a choice we

make, that is, to “grow up” versus “staying young.” Sure, there’s somewhat of a balance, we

have we have to get a job and do well in it and to live the responsibilities of “getting older.” We

can though “stay young” as we go about our interactions with other people through smiles, greet-

ings and “pleases and thank yous.” Take a walk and notice the flowers, their scent and beauty.

Take a drive to the east and west side of town and look at the beauty of the plants and bushes that

grow so abundantly and are enjoyed by so many through their wines, veggies and flowers.

“Growing up” also includes just doing the same

thing over and over again. The repetition can be

OK, but it’s better if it allows you to do other things,

satisfy a curiosity, learn new things, and share our

“growing up” with others and respond favorably

when others share their “growing up.”

Early in December I substituted in a 2nd grade

class for a day which ended when they and a bunch

of 1st and 3rd graders all joined in “practice” for

their holiday song fest coming in a week. The joy

of, the smiles, the anticipation for their special days

of the season, and just delight in being part of some-

thing was a lot to behold. And, a reminder that life

should be enjoyed, shared, and experienced. Give it

a try.

On Thursday, 20th December, the last day of

school before “break”, I subbed for a 1st grade class

and at 9:30A the kids had a coloring assignment

where they used crayons and colored pencils to “color” the shapes and designs on the worksheets the teacher had left for

me to have the kids do. They jumped right in doing what they could and shared with their table mates. What was really

cool was when I turned on the holiday music disc and right

away the kids, without instruction, joyfully jumped right in

a sang along. How cool was that, totally unfearful of what

others would say and doing it just for the fun of it. A good


I wish you and yours a wondrous New Year, one of joy,

sharing, experiencing, learning and watching “the littles”

and do what they do more often.