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The Lompoc Vision

“Good News You Can Use.”


Body and Soul


o what exactly is Yoga? Yoga was developed thou-

sands of years ago in India as an inclusive system for

wellbeing on all levels of health; physical, mental,

emotional and spiritual. Today, millions of people use vari-

ous aspects of Yoga to help increase their quality of life in

areas such as fitness, stress relief, wellness, energy, healing,

spiritual growth and more.

Lompoc Family YMCA

by Kathryn Thompson

In recent times Yoga has branched out in many different

forms, but all approaches to Yoga are intended to promote

health and wellbeing. Now more than ever yoga is becom-

ing increasingly more popular for people of all ages, es-

pecially youth. Schools P.E. classes, after-school programs

and even youth sport practices are offering Yoga as a way

for youth to learn fitness techniques such as balance, flexi-

bility and strength. In addition to the vast physical benefits,

Yoga can also provide youth with the tools to relax, breathe

deeply and calm their minds.

Because youth encounter emotional, social, and physical

challenges or conflicts, a Yoga practice that includes breath-

ing techniques, behavioral guidelines, and physical pos-

tures can be extremely valuable for them. It is also a great

opportunity for youth to learn movements and stretches

that can carry over to different phases of their lives. Some

of the stretches and postural moves are teachings that can

be used for years to come.

Often youth Yoga teachers fo-

cus on the benefits of the exer-

cises and use generic terms for

the poses, renaming them cat,

bridge, table, tree, downward-

facing dog, this also helps to drive

imagination and creativity for

their students and can make the

class exciting and relatable. It’s

no wonder that Yoga is rising in

popularity for kids; the stretch-

ing advantages, improved body

awareness, with the added com-

ponent of a mind-body connec-

tion makes it a fun and rewarding

physical activity for people of all

ages. Maybe the best part is Yoga

is something youth (or anyone)

can practice anytime, anywhere

and no mat, special clothing, or

equipment is necessary.


he Robert Sudden was a three-masted barkentine,

with 800,000 feet of lumber on board. In June 1905

she ran aground between Surf and the mouth of the

Santa Ynez River near the Southern Pacific Surf depot. The

fog was so thick that Captain J. Jansen did not know where

he was but he did know it was treacherous territory so he

lowered a small boat with his wife and two children in it.


Robert Sudden

by Justin M. Ruhge

The boat was manned by the First Mate who was in-

structed to put out to sea to escape the dangerous rocks. In

the light of day the captain sent the Second Mate out to find

them but instead of finding them he was carried about four

miles from Surf and eventually rescued. After finally find-

ing his family, he next made a raft from the lumber cargo

and lashed his wife and children to it. They made it to shore

through the roaring sea where a party rescued them as they

struck the shore. No lives were lost.

The Sudden family of Lompoc owned the ship. Salvage

operations to remove the lumber and the ship went on for

months with the help of many from Lompoc.


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