Today, tourists come to view Lompoc’s murals year round from all over the world. It was in 1988 that the idea of the Lompoc Mural Project was conceived and the vision of the project being an instrument of community pride and economic enhancement is happening!

Mural Map

1. Diatomaceous Mining – 111 South I Street. North wall of Lompoc Valley Chamber of Commerce. Giant abstract mural honors the local diatomaceous earth business. Artist: Roberto Delgado - 1991
2. Lompoc Pioneers: The Moore Family Legacy. 122 West Ocean Avenue. (back South wall in Art Alley) - Mural In a day. Master Artist: David Blodget - 2010
3. Lompoc’s Flower Industry – 102 West Ocean Avenue (SW corner of H & Ocean). Mural features portraits of important early growers as well as workers. Artist: Art Mortimer - 1989
4. Veterans Tribute – 125 South H Street. Pays tribute to all the men & women who served, fought and died in the 15 wars and conflicts of the 20th Century. Artist: Elisco Silva - 2000
5. Great Floral Flag – 131 South H Street (Mural In a Day). Depicts giant American flag planted in flowers by Bodger Seeds Inc. in 1942 to salute the men & women fighting in WW11. Master Artist: Art Mortimer with 12 - 14 participating artists - 1999
6. Thanks for Caring – Mural in a Day. 123 West Ocean Avenue. Honoring local traditional service groups. Master Artist: David Blodget. - 2012
7. Temperance – 137 South H Street. The murals of Chemainus inspired the Lompoc Mural Project. This mural recalls Lompoc’s early days as a temperance colony. Artist: Dan Sawatsky - 1992
8. Rudolph Mansion – 137 South H Street. Lompoc’s first mayor was Harvey Rudolph and he lived in a beautiful 3 story mansion. It was demolished in 1955 to build a grocery outlet.
Artist: Leonardo Nunes - 2000

9. Lost Mission – 200 South H Street, behind Lompoc Museum. This was the original Mission Vieja destroyed in 1812 by an earthquake and rebuilt in 1813 as La Purisima Mission. It’s present site is two miles east of Lompoc. Artist: Vicki Andersen - 1996
10. An Artist’s Cottage – 119 East Cypress Avenue (Cypress Gallery). The artists turned this cinder block building from a nondescript building to a Victorian Cottage - now the Cypress Gallery, home to the Lompoc Valley Art Association. Artists: Linda Gooch & Vicki Anderson - 1998
11. Lompoc’s First Fire Chief – 121 South G Street. This mural honors Charles Everett, the city’s first fire chief. He served from 1915-1950. Artists: Pat & Robert Saul - 1995
12. Chumash Indians – 126 East Ocean Avenue (Mural In a Day). Master Artist: Robert Thomas with participating artists - 1992
13. La Purisima Mission – 206 East Ocean Avenue. This mural depicts the mission and scenes from its history, including its complete reconstruction by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930’s.
Artist: Leonardo Nunez - 1995
14. Monarch Magic – 118 South H Street (Mural In a Day). Master Artist: Colleen Goodwin Chronister and participating artists - 2006
15. Ethnic Diversity – 115 Civic Center Plaza. These 12 large portraits represent the diversity of cultures from various ethnic groups who were prominent in the community. Artist: Richard Wyatt - 1993
16. Last of the Titans – 135 North H Street - Mural In A Day. Master Artist Colleen Mitchell Veyna - 2003
17. Domingos Blacksmith Shop – 120 West Walnut Avenue, (Mural In a Day). One of the last authentic blacksmith shops in the Central Coast. Master Artist: Suzanne Cerney & participating artists - 1995
18. Early Education – 215 North H Street (Bank of America). An 1884 class picture shows the small group of Lompoc students with their teacher, Ann Calvert (shown in cameo). Artist: Shirley Wallace - 1994
19. Mission Abstract – 104 East Ocean Avenue. This stylized mural depicts a portion of the entrance to the original La Purisima Mission. Artist: Lori Slater - 1989
20. Latino Espreción – 119 West Maple Avenue.
Shows figures that are important to the Hispanic-American experience. Leonardo Nunez, with Lompoc High students - 1995
21. Point Conception Lighthouse – 131 South H Street (back lot ). Master Artists: Vicki Andersen and Linda Gooch with participating artists, (Mural In a Day) - 2000
22. Flowers of the Valley - Alley behind 119 East Cypress. Series of doors, each of which represents flowers grown in the valley. Artist: Vicki Andersen - 2001
23. Filipino Heritage – 225 West Ocean Avenue. Privately commissioned. Artist: Carlos Cuellar - 2006
24. Flora & Fauna – 111 West Ocean Avenue (Mural In a Day). Master Artist: Art Mortimer & participating artists - 2001