Come explore the bountiful wine region along the Lompoc Wine Trail. Lompoc is the gateway to the Sta. Rita Hills AVA, which is renowned for exceptional Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Many of the wine producers in Lompoc have their vineyards, or source grapes from this region.
Lompoc’s Wine Ghetto is an assemblage of small wine production and tasting facilities located in the Sobhani Industrial Park. At first glance, you might miss it, as it is simply a collection of steel industrial buildings - nothing fancy. Once you enter however, nineteen (and counting!) tasting rooms are at your disposal, offering some of the finest wines the California Central Coast has to offer. The “Ghetto” is located off of North Seventh Street on Chestnut Court. Come explore and enjoy the uniqueness of these local wines. Be sure to visit often - new tasting opportunities are always being added!

Wine Ghetto Map
Wne Trail Map

Ampelos – Ampelos has been a family endeavor from the start…. initially “corporate folks”, we loved getting away to the Sta. Rita Hills on weekends and dreamt of one day planting our own vineyard and making wines. A cancelled meeting on the morning of September 11, 2001 helped us to realize that someday was today! We are truly a small boutique winery producing about 3,500 cases a year focusing on Viognier, Rose of Syrah, Pinot Noir, Syrah and Grenache.
Tasting Hours:
Thurs. - Sun. 11-5. Mon. 11-4. 312 N. 9th St. 805-736-9954
Arcadian Winery – At Arcadian Winery, we strive to create wine that fully expresses the distinct characteristics of each vineyard and California’s Central Coast region. And while we maintain many traditional methods for producing Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Syrah, winegrower Joe Davis believes in gently pushing the envelope of expected winemaking theories in a constant search for elegance and balance in each of the wines he produces.
Tasting Hours:
Thurs. - Sun. 11-5. 1515 E. Chestnut Ave., Unit B.
Bratcher Winery – “Our goal at Bratcher Winery is simple: to produce exceptional wines at premium values from the top vineyards in each of Santa Barbara county’s AVA’s. We strive to produce elegant, yet intense wines with a laser-like precision that bring in to focus the unique qualities of the Santa Rita Hills. Minerality. Verve. Balance…. These are the characteristics we strive for in our wines”.
Tasting Hours:
Thurs. - Sun. 11-5. 1515 E. Chestnut Ave., Unit B.
De Su Propia Cosecha – At De Su Propia Cosecha our focus has always been working with the best grapes that we can source. Cosecha Farming brings our wine making process full circle. We can ensure that the highest quality of grapes are used because we can now control the entire process from start to finish. We will continue to produce wines inspired by the Rhone Valley and Southern France. We are also introducing new varietals that we grow, such as Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Cabernet.
Tasting Hours:
Fri. - Sun. 12-5. 1501 E. Chestnut Ct. 805-345-9355
Fiddlehead Cellars – Fiddlehead wines are place driven, vintage driven, textural and most satisfying. They are made from exquisitely farmed vineyards, planted to marry climate and place with varietal; they are hand harvested and field sorted in small sections and made with the utmost respect for traditional methods. Each vintage is crafted to highlight the greatest potential of each place, discriminating and selecting only the best. The entire brand is designed to create focused wines of luscious texture, true to the varietal and devoted to

sustainable farming and non-invasive winemaking.
Tasting Hours:
Friday 12-5. Saturday 11-5. Sunday 12-4. 1597 E. Chestnut Avenue. 800-251-1225
Flying Goat Cellars – Flying Goat Cellars embodies the bohemian Lompoc lifestyle! Besides handcrafting exceptional Pinot Noir and sparkling wine without pretense, Flying Goat offers a tasting room and gallery featuring local artists and artisans. Guests experience an eclectic environment there where they can explore a range of sensory appreciation.
Tasting Hours: Thurs. - Sun. 11-4
1520 E. Chestnut Ct, Unit A,
(805) 736-9032
Jalama Wines – Jalama Wines is a California wine estate producing various Rhône style blends and varietal wines. The winery is located in Lompoc, California, 45 minutes north of Santa Barbara and the vineyard, located near Jalama Beach, is the western-most vineyard in Santa Barbara County. The vineyard is widely known for its hands-on farming techniques 308 N. 9th St. (805) 735-8937
Joseph Blair Wines – Wines We Produce Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc, Gewürztraminer, Malbec, Merlot, Red Blend, Viognier.
Tasting Hours: Fri. - Sun. 12-5
La Vie Vineyards – All of the La Vie Vineyards wines are lovingly crafted by Artel and Angela Lavie with the highest quality ingredients are youth inspired and are handmade in extremely rare quantities. Our Pursuit of fine wine led us to the Santa Rita Hills in western Santa Barbara in 1998 . Our premier 2000 vintage is a reflection of our love for Burgundian style wines and the meticuous care and affection demanded by Pinor Noir.
Tasting Hours: Fri. - Sun. 11-5ish. 308 N. 9th S. Unit D. 805-291-2111
Longoria Wines – Established in 1982, Longoria Wines is a small family owned winery producing acclaimed artisanal wines from some of the finest vineyards in Santa Barbara County. Pioneer winemaker Rick Longoria has been involved in the local wine industry since 1976. His wines are distinctive for their purity of varietal and site expression, balance and compatibility with food.
Tasting Hours: Fri. - Sun. 11 - 4:30. To taste outside of tasting hours, call for an appointment.
1700 Industrial Way, Unit A.
LaMontagne – Our family name, LaMontagne, meaning “the Mountain,” appropriately describes our quest to produce wines of exceptional quality that represent the vintage and the place in which they were grown.
Tasting Hours: Fri.-Sun. 11-5pm. Call for a private tasting. 805.291.6643
Moretti Wines – Antonio and Jeni Moretti, with over 35 years in the wine business between them, specifically chose the Santa Rita Hills as home.

Upon discovering the uniqueness of the wine region, they knew that they wanted to be a part of the appellation’s growth and help with its recognition. They believe in the agricultural richness, unique micro-climate and the wine talent of the region.
Tasting Hours:
Thursday - Sunday 11-5. To taste outside of tasting hours, call for an appointment .
1595 E Chestnut Avenue.
Pali Wine Company – We established a state-of-the-art winery in Lompoc and named the winery “Pali,” after our hometown Pacific Palisades on the coast just west of Los Angeles.
Today, Pali Wine Co. produces a Cuvee series of wines defined by their appellation of origin and named for different neighborhoods in the Pacific Palisades. We also produce a very limited amount of vineyard-designate wines.
Tasting Hours:
Thursday - Sunday 11-5. 1501 E. Chestnut Court. 805-736-7200
Palmina Wines – Formed by winemaker Steve Clifton in 1995, Palmina is named in honor of Steve’s great friend Paula. Palmina produces a full range of wines crafted from Italian varietals grown in Santa Barbara County, California. Palmina wines can be found in restaurants and bottle shops throughout the United States, Canada and Japan as well as directly from the winery.
Tasting Hours:
Thursday - Saturday 11-5.
Sunday - Monday 1-4. Contact
1520 E. Chestnut Court.
Piedrasassi – since we began making the Piedrasassi wines in 2003, our ideas about wine have expanded and evolved. We enjoy drinking wines from lots of different regions–Burgundy, the Northern Rhône, Tuscany, and Piedmont, to name a few–so it is difficult to pin us down to a specific style we try to emulate. We are blown away by the tradition and sense of place of wines like Albert Dervieux’s lyrical La Viallière from Côte-Rôtie, and are amazed at the stylized concentration and texture of Stanko Radikon’s avant-garde Ribolla Gialla from Friuli. And we are continually inspired by the diversity of grapes and wines cultivated in the wide open, relatively uncharted territory that is the California wine industry.
Tasting Hours:
Friday - Sunday 12-5. To taste outside of tasting hours, call for an appointment. 1501 E. Chestnut Avenue. 805-736-6784
Samsara Wines – “Farming is a metaphor for many of life’s most important lessons. Though it is our propensity as humans to do so, farming teaches us that there are elements occurring in nature that are far beyond our control. After I apply my knowledge and passion to the vineyard,

I must then surrender my efforts to a causality about which I have little say. Within this struggle, the lesson of humility is learned.”
Tasting Hours: Friday - Sunday 11-4. 1500 E Chestnut Court, Unit A. 805-331-2292
Stolpman Vineyards – Over 20 years ago, our Founding Partner, Thomas Stolpman, discovered what we believe to be one of the greatest viticultural sites on earth. Hidden in the hills of California’s Central Coast, on a rare Limestone outcropping & unobstructed from the Pacific Ocean wind, this unique land is naturally suited to grow Syrah and Roussanne grapes. We are committed to preserving this natural environment for our vines through organic farming, dry farming, & sustainable employment. In the winery, we prefer native fermentation & minimal manipulation.
Dedicated to sensible farming & winemaking, we believe that we can create natural, vibrant, site-specific wines.
Tasting Hours: Friday - Sunday
11-5. 1500 Industrial Way, Suite B. 805-736-5000
Taste of Sta. Rita Hills – The Taste of Sta Rita Hills is a perfect place for tasting the hard-to-find wines of the Santa Rita Hills. No other wine tasting room in the Wine Ghetto encompasses so many different wineries.
Tasting Hours: Thursday - Sunday 11-5. To taste outside of tasting hours, call for an appointment
1505 E. Chestnut Avenue.
Tyler Winery – Tyler is dedicated to producing wines of delicacy and balance, where structure and nuance are favored above all else. Our focus is exclusively on exceptional vineyard sites throughout the Santa Rita Hills and Santa Maria Valley within Santa Barbara County, and feel pinot noir and chardonnay are the best mediums to express each vineyard site. Within these two appellations, the unique combination of marine-based soils, transverse ranges and valleys, and cool ocean influence make this a truly wonderful place for growing pinot noir and chardonnay.
Tasting Hours: Thursday - Sunday 11-5. To taste outside of tasting hours, call for an appointment. 1505 E. Chestnut Avenue.
Zotovich Cellars – Our philosophy is simple: We believe great wine is established in the vineyard. We meticulously farm our estate Zotovich Family Vineyard grapes, and strive to make the best wine possible vintage to vintage. A small, family-owned and operated winery located on the Central Coast of California, Zotovich Cellars handcrafts exceptional wine from small, closely monitored lots of grapes. Vineyard health is of the utmost importance to our family.
Tasting Hours:
Thursday - Sunday 10-5.
300 N 12th Street. 805-736-1600